How to indentify good quality safety shoes ?

Currently on the market safety shoes mainly focus on dominated leather ,rarely synthetic leather ;Mainly to see two parts if u want to chose one good quality safety shoes :One is to check the leather of safety shoes .But common person can not identify well .There are 4 methods used in identify the leather :

A: Look, first layer of leather, distribution lines is not uniform, because in the “wrestling skin” during this procedure, the lines will follow the natural grain leather is made, it will form a patchwork of lines, and two layers above leather or leather does not have this scattered lines of

Two: pinch, as long as the touch, cowhide will be showing good flexibility, will soon restitution press down, what will see the demolition of irregular natural texture.

Three: the smell, the import first layer of leather smell there is a cow taste, smell smells unaccustomed people feel is a light odor, the smell in fact this is not true, but each person’s sense of smell is not the same, a long time , you will find that it is the leather “fragrance” taste. Imitation leather or leather smells a similar plastic irritating odor.

Four: burning, when using fire, leather knot hard lump does not have the taste of burning hair, while imitation leather combustion knot knots, and issued stimulate taste.

Leather in the market is mainly cowhide leather floor, a layer of leather is more expensive only for high-end products, safety shoes which only a minority use;

Actually in the market  Two layers of cowhide is popular used in the safety shoes .Because the one layer leather is expensive and is used in the high –end products ,rarely safety shoes .

 The other one is to test the sole of safety shoes .In the market ,Rubber sole and PU sole (chemical Name polyurethane).

Rubber is divided into Natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Elastic, at room temperature under external force at an early age can generate large deformation, can recover after removal of the external force, rubber oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, etc; The rubber on the downside, heavier;

Still have a kind of material is, PU injection molding, injection molding machines do shoes, the vamp on the aluminum here after, generally by the rotary machine directly into PVC, TPR materials, such as one-time forming soles, now have PU (polyurethane) chemicals injection (machine and mould is not the same as general injection molding). Advantages: because the machine is doing, big capacity, so the price is low. Disadvantages: if the design is more and more trouble in the mould, shoes to finalize the design difficulty, no cold sticky shoes do manual work is delicate, so general for sole style single orders;

When u chose the safety shoes ,the follow points should be paid attention :First ,check the upper material and lining of safety shoes .

High quality safety shoes (safety shoes) leather fine, bright, main site no color, no disability, no loose skin behind the finger surface coating layer does not fall off, do not crack, the shoe material should also be natural leather.

Second, check the soles. Gently press the soles with nails, good quality soles and flexible, moderate hardness, no peeling.

Third, check the heel. Shoes can be flat on the counter, good quality shoes should be smooth, heel palm should all contact surfaces, do not shake his hand up, to be consistent with the shoe heel height.

Fourth, check the hook heart. Hook heart is installed between the shoe outsole and the midsole stereotypes play a supportive role in key parts of the piece, the shoe flat on the sturdy table, straining the heart of the site by hook qualified shoes should not soft, not deformed.

Fifth, check the main with the header. After the primary is a key component to help with stereotypes, mounted on the heel of the shoe and the shoe between; Baotou toe styling parts are installed between the top of the upper and upper. Press (mention) with finger pressure and the main header, high-quality shoes should withstand the pressing examination. Extends into the shoes by hand to check the installation location is correct, if they can directly touch the main heel, tipping material, then the process is unreasonable.